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Daily Inspiration 

I’ve decided that I’m going to ; along with the normal posts, of course ; post inspirational pictures every day, as a means to be more regular, and also inspire someone a teensy little bit, everyday. 

Be a goal digger

A common and regressive perspective of women; we are attracted to men with wealth and other material assets. The concept of a ‘ sugar daddy’ around the internet is just adding weight to this point.But the fact remains that a lot of women and men are hustling; every day. Including myself. Wishing all the luck to you, take baby steps. Chase your goals and take control of your life. You’re not a victim of your circumstances. 

Much love 

Littlegiesha ❤

Day 1- Monday

Img source: Tumblr

She rolls over her pristine white sheets, banging her phone on the side table so it stops blaring the alarm.

Finally she manages

The alarm goes off again in a minute

Well, fuck

She mutters under her breath and crumpled handfuls of sheets to pull herself up. It’s already 10 am and its sickeningly hot. And she’s so dehydrated.

She holds her head in her hands for  a few minutes, regretting all the cosmos and long islands from yesterday night. She had to get up anyway; no excuses.

A hot shower later , emails are checked. Freshly brewed coffee awaits her on the marble counter and life takes its normal pace again.

Snippets from last night can be found around the house. A pair of hastily removed velvet heels by the couch; a crumpled push-up on the rug and half drunk glass of water drunk in a fit of complete dehydration.

Oh well.





What do you guys think of this? Should I post more ‘the days as personalities ‘ posts?