The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

I’m yet to come across a person who is completely content with his/her life. I’m not there and the person reading this probably isn’t either and that makes me all the more inspired to take control of my emotions and happiness. For a long time I’ve been postponing my happiness to future uncertain events- “Ill…

To 2017

Here’s to an amazing 2018 Wishing everyone a very happy new year.

Diary Of a Logophile |||

And the holidays are supposed to bring in so much warmth and happiness, not another long spell of gloom. I’m trying to feel the chill in the air and squeal with delight at yellowing fairy lights and furry sweaters and warm cups of milk. I’m trying to feel the happiness of meeting a friend after…

Day 2-Tuesday 

Tuesday would be a perfectly content and happy person,who goes out with with friends for brunch at fancy places and wears floral perfume. She has an air of sophistication around her. She is introverted though-  and loves to snuggle up beside the fireplace with a paperback in her hand and hot chocolate in her mug….

Day 1- Monday

What would the days be as people? Read on to know more.