The consequences of ignorance

The views expressed are deeply personal. You may or may not agree with what I have to say, but you that doesn’t take away my right to say it.

Scene: A dark skinned girl enters an office for an interview with all necessary qualifications. However, she’s rejected. Because she isn’t fair enough.

Zoom in to seven different frames of her, each fairer than the last. All thanks to fair and lovely fairness cream that helps her get the job. The girl skips out of the interview, job offer in hand basking in her new found fairness.

A majority of Indian men and women thus grew up believing in the supremacy of the fair skinned, while most of them are naturally on the darker side of the scale. And when such media is shoved down the throats of the masses that have barely had any education and are surrounded by similar minded folks, who is to tell them that girls are not to be judged in marriage solely because of their skin color. Hence, it isn’t surprising that there exists an entire market thriving solely by creating complex among the masses and is valued around $450 million (according to 2016 statistics) and growing at the rate of 18% per annum.

Conventions of beauty have always moved according to what the west believes to be beautiful. For a long time, skinny was considered beautiful, and it’s not like their native people haven’t suffered from it. Cases of anorexia and bulimia are on the rise till this day and millions of people are afflicted each year in the quest to be accepted and considered beautiful. The photo shopped magazine covers are now being bashed and people are speaking up against them, but mere tweeting about such causes isn’t going to help the girl who weighs herself everyday and survives on the least possible amount of food.

While women of African countries were made to feel unworthy for their full lips and naturally curvy body structure, since the rise of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who has actually capitalized on such and made billions of dollars out of such, they were finally given some validation by the supreme authority. However these ladies have constantly been criticized for cultural appropriation, also because each of them has a huge amount of followers they can leave lasting impressions on.

On a smaller scale, people from the west travel to India for search of some culture, meditational practices and general well being and take back to their own countries superficial words they don’t understand like aligning their ‘chakras’ and wearing the rudraksh around their wrists to appear like they have attained all enlightenment there was to attain. If you can’t appreciate a culture, you can’t appropriate it either. You can’t use someone’s actual cultural practice to make yourself appear cultured and make money out of that.

Social media has had a major role to play in throwing out death and rape threats to people hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Everyone can bash a single reporter who criticized the cringe pop “Bol na aunty” as being sexist and hurl abuses at Gauri Lankesh. We can collectively hit sad reacts to a post regarding the merciless rape of that Delhi girl and be laughing at memes the next second- because we’re in a better position than them. Sure, we face sexism and are asked to fit in gender defined stereotypes, but it could be worse.

What’s the huge hype around the word feminist anyway? We just want equal rights for everyone, beyond the realms of gender. So why are we told that we don’t need feminism-because at least we are privileged enough to get a good education and aren’t married off early? The woman who cleans your house everyday was married when she was 10 and hasn’t had a chance at education, is told she doesn’t need feminism because at least her husband doesn’t hit her and she’s really lucky, things could be worse. The woman who is constantly raped by her husband is told that she doesn’t need feminism because what she is going through isn’t rape- its love.

Things could be worse.

I’m left wondering why anyone doesn’t see a very disturbing pattern here.


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You are.

This is a letter I wrote to myself a few days before turning 19. This contains very general pointers on how I want to mould myself. More than a year later, looking back at this, I’ve not exactly followed my own words. But I hope I’m heading there.

You are not what people perceive you to be

You are what you believe you are, and what you believe you can be. Others attitude towards you is simply a reflection of your own attitude towards self. You can be beautiful, you can be selfish, and you can be kind, you can be crude, you can be trashy and you can be simple. You can be a goddess, if that’s what it takes you to believe that you decide your life. Easier said than done? Try it out then.

It’s your life and you get to rule it. Do what you like; scream, dress up, travel, drink, meet new people or just chill with some pizza at home. These are your personal choices and don’t let anyone decide for you.

If you have an opinion, never hold it back.

Just be educated on the topic you’re speaking about. If you’re going to blame rape on the way a person dresses up, you need to change your opinion and how you evaluate things. In that case, no one wants your opinion.

Otherwise, never hold back. Stand up for what you think is right, even if you’re alone. If you love someone tell them. You may not get a chance tomorrow. If you have problems with someone, be the bigger person and sort it out. Life is too short for hatred.

You don’t have to fit into societal conventions of beauty

You can be your own kind of beautiful. Just because you think someone else is beautiful, it doesn’t mean that you are any less. There is space for lots of beauty on this planet.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to walk away from toxic people

Don’t be afraid to speak up against any kind of abuse

Don’t be afraid to speak up against any unfair practices

Don’t be afraid to tell your hairdresser you don’t like what he has done to your hair.

You’re never alone.

Your life is bound by endless strings to people who will be affected by the choices you make. These are the only people you’re answerable to- your parents. The world can drop you for your mistakes and your failures, but from what I’ve seen until now, these are the only people who won’t. They value you more than their happiness and it’s your duty to do the same.

Bring about changes

Don’t be stuck with a person or a place you don’t like. Constantly evolve and grow. Make conscious efforts to do so. You can’t expect others to find you interesting if you get bored with yourself?

Love yourself before anyone else has to.

You are a factor of many elements

What you are today, a complex and complete, valid human being- is not because of you alone. You have been inspired by many and taken their mannerisms and habits. You are miracle- 2 eyes, limbs and a beating heart. Be grateful. Not many have these.

You are the books you read, the music you listen to, the words you write, the people you meet, the places you visit, and how you make people feel.

You are so much.

– LittleGiesha


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||| The Journey of a Memory



Stage 1- The onslaught
It’s like chains holding you down; you’re crying and screaming and the chains are clanking in their rusted glory. The smoke is rising up from the corners of the room.
Before you know it-you’re drowning. Left gasping for air. You try to hold on to the rims, but it the pit goes on way too deep. Days like these are particularly hard.
Stage 2- The hit
You’re lost, mentally. Walking down those lanes you still visit every now and then, hoping to change stuff up. It’s always amusing to imagine how you’d do things differently if you had another chance. You remember everything so well- the missed opportunities, the lies, and the heartbreaks. But all of these are overpowered by the scent of happiness and contentment that fills you up.
The ties, emotional and physical, to the people and places you left behind were cut so abruptly. You’re still reeling.
For most part you walk around blankly, keeping so busy so you don’t have a moment. Surround yourself with so much noise you can’t hear the sound of the world crashing around you.
Stage 3- The analysis
Nothing is the same. you’re yet to realize that.
Just keep moving forward. moving forward. moving forward. Do you dare look back?
The past is not where you belong.
You’ve got so much to do, new memories to make, new people to meet.
Stage 4- The Predestination
But, What do you do when you don’t want to let go? The memory is all you’re left with.
It’s a bittersweet feeling, you know you aren’t supposed to dwell in the past, but you’re willing to take the risk and bear the hurt.
The past is dangerous. It stops you from growing. You wonder how all the people have moved on, while you’re still stuck.
How much time, till the memory brings a smile on your lips? How much time till it doesn’t reduce you to tears?
Stage 6- Until next time
The smoke is settling and you can see clearer now. The reality slaps you hard.
Pulling yourself out
Drenched in memories
Breathing again
It’s just these fucking chains that refuse to break.

– LittleGiesha



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Daily Inspiration

We have all heard amazing words from people who tell us to work till we achieve our goals. We hear people telling success stories of how they worked day in and out. 

Don’t get caught up in this web of mindlessly working. Listen to your body. If you have a headache,  you’ve probably had enough. If you’re  dozing off, you’re probably sleep deprived (you could also be bored. In which case, keep working ).

Don’t forget to take a break. And don’t feel guilty for that. 

Shut yourself down for maintainence.


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