Daily Inspiration

We have all heard amazing words from people who tell us to work till we achieve our goals. We hear people telling success stories of how they worked day in and out. 

Don’t get caught up in this web of mindlessly working. Listen to your body. If you have a headache,  you’ve probably had enough. If you’re  dozing off, you’re probably sleep deprived (you could also be bored. In which case, keep working ).

Don’t forget to take a break. And don’t feel guilty for that. 

Shut yourself down for maintainence.


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Daily Inspiration

Every day, wake up with a goal

You’re going to make yourself better. You’re working on yourself.

Not for anyone else. It takes a while, but ‘you are your own biggest competition’ is not just a quote. Everyday  strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Do it for yourself.

Stop lying to yourself. No, you can’t get this done tomorrow. Push yourself.

You’re doing it for yourself. 


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Daily inspiration 

If you’re reading this on your phone/laptop/desktop, you’re more privileged than half the population on this planet. You’re likely to have a roof on your head and food to eat and eyes to read and air to breathe and you don’t have to worry about bombs dropping on you at any given point. 

Take a moment to focus. On all the wonderful things in life. Everything. You’ll be taken aback at the sheer list of things you have. 

If you’re really serious about this, you could always make a gratitude journal and write stuff every day in it. 

My point is- you’re a lucky human being. And most of the time, we take these things for granted and forget to be thankful for all that we have ❤


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Daily Inspiration

Every little thing you achieve is a reason to celebrate. Maybe you studied for straight 4 hours today. Give yourself a break and watch some TV. You didn’t reply to your ex’s shitty texts. Treat yourself to some chocolate. You’ve been on a diet and been really good. Allow yourself a little cheat.

Celebrate every victory

If you won’t love yourself first,  who Will? 


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Day 2-Tuesday 

Tuesday would be a perfectly content and happy person,who goes out with with friends for brunch at fancy places and wears floral perfume. She has an air of sophistication around her.


She is introverted though-  and loves to snuggle up beside the fireplace with a paperback in her hand and hot chocolate in her mug.

She loves dressing down, and when she does, it’s mostly pretty pastels and florals with tiny backpacks and lace up sandals. Her hair is lighter than last summer from all the Sun, and it really brings out her freckles.

She’s not social media savvy. She prefers going out and meeting new people, rather than swiping right on tinder. She’s a beauty, and realises that. She loves the glances that she attracts when she’s skipping down the street happily , running off to purchase macaroons.

She reminds me of blooming roses, fresh coffee, cuddles and new beginnings.

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Daily Inspiration 

Often we come across people that drain out of us; our energy and our zeal . These people are so negative about their viewpoints about life that you can’t help but be affected. You want to help these people, but not at your own expense. You don’t need validation from anyone else.

You are enough. You are loved. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. 

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Daily Inspiration 

I’ve decided that I’m going to ; along with the normal posts, of course ; post inspirational pictures every day, as a means to be more regular, and also inspire someone a teensy little bit, everyday. 

Be a goal digger

A common and regressive perspective of women; we are attracted to men with wealth and other material assets. The concept of a ‘ sugar daddy’ around the internet is just adding weight to this point.But the fact remains that a lot of women and men are hustling; every day. Including myself. Wishing all the luck to you, take baby steps. Chase your goals and take control of your life. You’re not a victim of your circumstances. 

Much love