Daily Inspiration

Every little thing you achieve is a reason to celebrate. Maybe you studied for straight 4 hours today. Give yourself a break and watch some TV. You didn’t reply to your ex’s shitty texts. Treat yourself to some chocolate. You’ve been on a diet and been really good. Allow yourself a little cheat.

Celebrate every victory

If you won’t love yourself first,  who Will? 


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Day 2-Tuesday 

Tuesday would be a perfectly content and happy person,who goes out with with friends for brunch at fancy places and wears floral perfume. She has an air of sophistication around her.


She is introverted though-  and loves to snuggle up beside the fireplace with a paperback in her hand and hot chocolate in her mug.

She loves dressing down, and when she does, it’s mostly pretty pastels and florals with tiny backpacks and lace up sandals. Her hair is lighter than last summer from all the Sun, and it really brings out her freckles.

She’s not social media savvy. She prefers going out and meeting new people, rather than swiping right on tinder. She’s a beauty, and realises that. She loves the glances that she attracts when she’s skipping down the street happily , running off to purchase macaroons.

She reminds me of blooming roses, fresh coffee, cuddles and new beginnings.

(image source- tumblr)


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Daily Inspiration 

Often we come across people that drain out of us; our energy and our zeal . These people are so negative about their viewpoints about life that you can’t help but be affected. You want to help these people, but not at your own expense. You don’t need validation from anyone else.

You are enough. You are loved. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. 

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Image souce: Quotistan

Daily Inspiration 

I’ve decided that I’m going to ; along with the normal posts, of course ; post inspirational pictures every day, as a means to be more regular, and also inspire someone a teensy little bit, everyday. 

Be a goal digger

A common and regressive perspective of women; we are attracted to men with wealth and other material assets. The concept of a ‘ sugar daddy’ around the internet is just adding weight to this point.But the fact remains that a lot of women and men are hustling; every day. Including myself. Wishing all the luck to you, take baby steps. Chase your goals and take control of your life. You’re not a victim of your circumstances. 

Much love 


Day 1- Monday

Img source: Tumblr

She rolls over her pristine white sheets, banging her phone on the side table so it stops blaring the alarm.

Finally she manages

The alarm goes off again in a minute

Well, fuck

She mutters under her breath and crumpled handfuls of sheets to pull herself up. It’s already 10 am and its sickeningly hot. And she’s so dehydrated.

She holds her head in her hands for  a few minutes, regretting all the cosmos and long islands from yesterday night. She had to get up anyway; no excuses.

A hot shower later , emails are checked. Freshly brewed coffee awaits her on the marble counter and life takes its normal pace again.

Snippets from last night can be found around the house. A pair of hastily removed velvet heels by the couch; a crumpled push-up on the rug and half drunk glass of water drunk in a fit of complete dehydration.

Oh well.





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||    The diary of a Logophile




  1. a lover of words.

 Put your pen to paper, fingertips to keyboard. That’s one. Then just flow.

There are thousands of them, they mean different to everyone. A single word; many interpretations.

As far as i can remember correctly, I started writing because I felt like the God of things, the characters I created. Do I kill them? Do I make them fall in love? It was in my hands, and just a few strokes away. And if I didn’t like it that way, I could always change.

I fell in love because it gave me a sense of control, of direction and liberation at the same time. A lot of people do not understand the liberating power of writing. Mostly they are the one’s who have never expirienced the gush of words on paper, and feelings you didn’t know you had. They’re all there, staring back at you, an epitome of your creation and possibly, a piece of your soul littered upon the paper.

It grounded me, a sense that time wasn’t flying so fast , and something to fill hot, sticky afternoons with- birthing new characters and stories.

There’s a strange wistful and relaxing sound of pencil scribbling upon paper. Dried flowers between books, hand coloured book marks, tea stained newspapers and the rustling of pages against the setting sun.

All replaced with tap-tap-tap-tap-tap- space – tap-tap-tap-tap. Upload. Available for the world to see. 
Words are slippery. They flow so well if strung together. Slippery. You can fall if you aren’t too careful. Because that’s the bad thing about words: they don’t always equal actions. Words are easy. Actions aren’t. 

Words can be dangerous. They hurt. They can also be comforting and kind. It’s difficult, because they don’t always evoke the meaning we want them to. You see, they are alive. Complete individuals in their own sense. They have a mind of their own. 

I was so wrong. I was never in control. 

I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched 


I hope this is not an awkward introduction. That’s why I scoured articles on the internet that taught me how to write my ‘perfect blog post‘ . The one thing that was common in all of those, was to be honest to your followers. Perplexing, if I follow a fixed formula, how am I honest? So I was like, fuck it. I’m going to do this on my own. Maybe it won’t be good. Maybe it won’t attract a lot of readers. But atleast already it will be honest, and honesty is so under rated right now. 

Now that I’ve successfully broken the ice, Hi, I’m a 20 year old female from Delhi, India. And no, we don’t eat curry all day or wear huge nose pins. Please stop appropriating our culture. Start appreciating. 

I’m currently in college. And as far as I can remember I’ve always wanted to write. So no marks for guessing what this blog is mainly going to focus on. 

Another thing I firmly believe in is the therapeutic power of writing. It fills the voids and helps you grow. It helps you vent like nothing else. As a kid, thanks to tumblr and other popular platforms I used to romatisize mental illnesses. Until a very close family member went through this. And this brought me to my senses. All that you see in the online world isn’t as rosy as it seems. Writing has always grounded me when I lost touch with reality.

If the blog goes on to be successful, I would love to do an open community thing where people can vent about anything and we all, together can shower them with encouraging words and possibly some help. Throw kindness around like confetti. 

I think I’ve said enough now. Must go. Hope to see you again, reader! 

Littlegiesha ❤