Day 2-Tuesday 

Tuesday would be a perfectly content and happy person,who goes out with with friends for brunch at fancy places and wears floral perfume. She has an air of sophistication around her.


She is introverted though-  and loves to snuggle up beside the fireplace with a paperback in her hand and hot chocolate in her mug.

She loves dressing down, and when she does, it’s mostly pretty pastels and florals with tiny backpacks and lace up sandals. Her hair is lighter than last summer from all the Sun, and it really brings out her freckles.

She’s not social media savvy. She prefers going out and meeting new people, rather than swiping right on tinder. She’s a beauty, and realises that. She loves the glances that she attracts when she’s skipping down the street happily , running off to purchase macaroons.

She reminds me of blooming roses, fresh coffee, cuddles and new beginnings.

(image source- tumblr)


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Day 1- Monday

Img source: Tumblr

She rolls over her pristine white sheets, banging her phone on the side table so it stops blaring the alarm.

Finally she manages

The alarm goes off again in a minute

Well, fuck

She mutters under her breath and crumpled handfuls of sheets to pull herself up. It’s already 10 am and its sickeningly hot. And she’s so dehydrated.

She holds her head in her hands for  a few minutes, regretting all the cosmos and long islands from yesterday night. She had to get up anyway; no excuses.

A hot shower later , emails are checked. Freshly brewed coffee awaits her on the marble counter and life takes its normal pace again.

Snippets from last night can be found around the house. A pair of hastily removed velvet heels by the couch; a crumpled push-up on the rug and half drunk glass of water drunk in a fit of complete dehydration.

Oh well.





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