The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

I’m yet to come across a person who is completely content with his/her life. I’m not there and the person reading this probably isn’t either and that makes me all the more inspired to take control of my emotions and happiness. For a long time I’ve been postponing my happiness to future uncertain events- “Ill be happy once I clear this exam”, or “ill be happy once I lose all this weight” But the fact of the matter is that, even if I did manage to reach these milestones id set for myself, I wasn’t happy. We shut off our eyes to the beauty of the world around, to the happiness in a warm cup of coffee and aim for contingent events.

While a certain degree of dissatisfaction is required to push yourself forward, an unhappy person tends to use up his/her share of inspiration rather quickly. This is where the need to feel happy each day . for the little things in life comes up.

I’ve compiled a little list of 30 ways, also called the 30 DAY HAPPINESS CHALLENGE, which is bound to leave you in higher spirits than usual. This is by no means a miraculous list of things. However, if followed from start to end, it will create a few moments of peace for you each day to help to feel calm and relaxed.

So here goes:




The 30 Day happiness challenge


Day 1            Take time to disconnect from social media. Do this for as long as you

                      want to push yourself. Maybe one hour, maybe two. Maybe take the

entire day off, if possible.

Day 2            Write down 10 things you are grateful for. Add to the list whenever you

want to.


Day 3             Meditate for 5 minutes. Continue for the remaining days.

Day 4             Treat yourself to something nice to eat. Cook yourself, if possible.

Day 5             Call up an old friend you’ve grown apart from recently.

Day 6             Take a walk in nature. Evening/morning, whichever suits you.

Day 7             Go to bed an hour earlier than usual

Day 8             Light some scented candles in your place if that is your thing, or clean

your space.


Day 9             Watch some lighthearted show, like Friends, How I met your mother etc

for an hour

Day 10            Wake up half an hour earlier than your usual time

Day 11            Dance alone.

Day 12            Read 15 pages of a book you’ve been meaning to read.


Day 13            Smile at everyone you meet today

Day 14            Listen to a podcast of your interest.

Day 15            Listen to some old songs that remind you of your


Day 16            Meditate for 15 minutes.

images (2)

Day 17            Do something creative- Write, paint, draw etc.

Day 18            Create a vision board.

Day 19            Enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Now this might be something you do every

day, but sit back and actually enjoy it without any distractions.


Day 20            Make your own morning playlist

Day 21            Click lots of pictures

Day 22            Have a No complaint day.

Day 23            Don’t forget to add to your gratitude list!

Day 24            Treat yo’ self- get a massage, hair spa, or your nails done etc

Day 25            Write down about 5 things that you can see, feel and touch around you.

Day 26            Spend some time with your loved ones.

Day 27            Donate your time or belongings to someone who needs them.

Day 28            De-clutter your laptop/phone with apps/pictures you don’t need.

Day 29            Try making to-do lists to help you be organized with daily tasks.


Day 30            Reflect




Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of this exercise. I hope this list was of some use to you. Do let me know in the comments down below what you thought about this and if I should do some more of these 30-day challenges.

Thanks 🙂



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5 Comments Add yours

  1. I think this is a great idea.


  2. Rachel says:

    This is a wonderful idea.


  3. I love these 30 day challenges. I participated in a 30 day photography challenge 2nonths back. I’m definetly going to try this one too


  4. briannamarielifestyle says:

    Love this! Followed 🙂


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